JB Mauney is the richest western sports athlete in the world. The North Carolina native has earned more than $6.7 million and claimed two world titles (2015, 2013). The reigning World Champion is one of only four riders in PBR history to have nodded his head more than 800 times at BFTS events and his riding average of 53.77 is the seconds highest behind only Monster Energy teammate Guilherme Marchi.

This guy was on a cruise when he saw a dog stranded on a deserted island and knew he had to save her. Even though other people on the cruise wanted the dog gone, good prevailed over evil and this dog got a second chance at life!

Don’t be deceived by the tiny grasshopper mouse’s stature because they are anything but your average house mouse. They’re natural born killers.

Marine biologist Greg Skomal used one of his nine lives while doing shark research off the coast of Cape Cod. A shark breached out of the ocean directly under him, teeth exposed and glistening!

The police report states that the stolen Subaru contained 1.3 grams of cocaine, a pipe burnt at both ends, two spoons and two clear-coloured needles. Sanford police didn’t say whether they would consider creating a cow chase unit to replace their K9’s.

Barton Ramsey has put his life into training labs, but he’ll be the first to tell you, “The dogs enhance my life more often than I do anything for them.”

This young whale shark had been swimming with this massive entanglement around its body for at least two weeks. Sure to slowly kill the animal with starvation, these diver’s may have saved it in the nick of time!

A man made a beer run into a Florida convenience store carrying a live alligator with its mouth taped shut.

No ‘Air Jaws’ show is ever complete unless a seemingly-impossible-shot or first-time-ever-filmed moment is achieved. The team was made up of the usual suspects and they were ready to make history once again!

A killer whale spotted swimming around a Vancouver Island marina for several days exhibited some unusual behavior on July 29, when it grabbed the anchor line of a sailboat and dragged the vessel around. Footage shows the boat being pulled at speed, hitting another boat!

Great white shark have been washing up on beaches, torn to shreds with their livers gone. This isn’t a horror film, this is orcas using their wits to outsmart the dumb sharks and jack them for their most nutrient dense organ!

This battle between a caiman and a crew of otters will break your heart. The otters found themselves in the brutal game of kill or be killed. No one is a winner in war.

The jumper is allegedly a French marine. It’s a bit of a tradition at the end of your time on the boat to jump into the water. The problem is the boat is most likely docked, and other boats most likely throw their garbage in the murky water. So sharks lay in the deep waiting for food to be thrown in. This is most likely why the vibrations of the soldier hitting the water immediately attracted the shark.

Check out this U.S. Navy Marine Mammal bottlenose dolphin completing a mine hunting mission, using sonar to locate exercise sea mines during the Rim of the Pacific exercise.

In “Shaq Does Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel, the basketball icon, Hall of Famer and TNT analyst had to be pulled from the water when a small shark with eyes bigger than its stomach invaded the 12-foot-by-6-foot cage in which O’Neal was submerged.

“Had an awesome encounter with a very large Great White Shark in the kayak this morning. The footage kicks in after it had circled me once already and I decided to move away, unfortunately she decided to give chase, she was very curious. Please excuse the language, panicked breathing and shaky footage, but I’m sure considering what happened you can understand my excitement and fear.” – Ken Gerke.

Sam Ellis spent 76 days with Mad Max in the Yukon wilderness. Through this time, one Lynx realised there was an advantage to being followed around by a human, and started to use him to help find rabbits!

Shark week host and filmmaker Andy Casagrande has been the face of Shark Week for decades. In this episode, watch some of the best moments the host had, including a close call where he almost ended up as shark bait.