A curious orca surprised a kneeboarder by swimming underneath him as he waited for the tow rope and then by blowing bubbles at him in a rare encounter in New Zealand.
The unique incident occurred Saturday morning in Tindalls Bay north of Auckland and was captured in video by Sam Kynman-Cole of topVIEW Photography.

Gordon Buchanan comes face to face with a huge wild polar bear who is keen to get to what smells like a tasty meal.

Wait for it…wait…Bless You!

This drone operator in New Zealand got supremely lucky, capturing a scene that at first appeared frightening — why are these potentially-murderous orcas circling this woman? But evolved into a devastatingly beautiful scene.

That Fucking Cat!

This is the moment a snake slithers into a police station – leaping up at a visitor sitting in the waiting room. The man was reporting an incident at the station in northern Thailand, on Saturday afternoon when the serpent scaled an uphill disabled ramp – then slid in through the open front door.

You won’t find a more Aussie video than this today — a beer-holding, singlet-wearing bloke copping a kangaroo kick straight to the chest.

The more you watch this clip the more questions you ask yourself, why didn’t anyone come to her rescue? was she carrying a baby? what made the bear stop…..

Captured earlier this week by instagramer @owenjones_projects in Brisbane, Kangaroo Point this unlucky possum got caught slippin by a large python. As bad as this looks god damn mother nature is a sight to see. Cheers for the submission mate crazy clip.

A trick from Indiana Jones that really wasn’t meant to move from fantasy to reality.

American actor Michael Rapaport recently achieved internet fame with a short, lighthearted video of him reacting to a particularly unfortunate-looking feline. Unfortunately, according to Rapaport, Instagram is concerned about the video’s effect on the cat’s self-esteem.

Maarifa the baby white rhino was orphaned after humans rescued her from a muddy pit and her mother then rejected her, so now she’s being raised by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. She likes to charge and damn its pretty bloody cute!


Extended clip of Red the lion finding himself surrounded by a pack of over twenty hyenas. Can his ally Tatu save him in time?

A tuna once sold for $1.8 million, but you can get cans of tuna fish for less than $2 at the grocery store. So, what’s the difference? Bluefin tuna can be very expensive depending on where you buy it and which part of the fish you are eating. We spoke with the chef at Shoji in New York, Derek Wilcox, to find out why the fish is so expensive.

A huge, hairy monstrosity has captivated the internet today, I’m talking about Knickers the Australian cow. Knickers is one massive animal, a true behemoth, and he should be gawked at as such.

I have no idea why this shit has me rolling lmao. That chicken had no idea what the fuck was going on. Give that damn chicken a go pro we want hero footage.

A 4.65-metre great white shark has been found dead in the nets at Sydney’s Maroubra Beach, the NSW Government has confirmed.