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Watch the Official Trailer for ‘The Bear’ Season 3 – Carmy And The Gang Return To The Kitchen This June.

The upcoming season will see Carmy, Sydney, Richie and the rest of crew back in The Bear’s kitchen following the restaurant’s successful reopening as a fine dining establishment in season two. Season three’s short but highly-adrenaline first trailer teases commotion in both the restaurant’s back and front of house; Richie, Sugar and the waiters can be seen missing and dropping the orders of its patrons, while the tensions flare up in the kitchen as Marcus attempts to stop a physical altercation between Carmy and Richie. Sydney points out that they work in a dysfunctional kitchen, to which both Richie and Carmy reply, “Show me a functional one,” hinting that despite their issues, the two still have at least one thing they agree on.


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