Pro boxer Tayden Beltran met the guy who used to bully him in High School for being in special ed classes, and taught the dude a lesson!

“For the last few months, this man has been messaging me, saying he was going to kill me in the ring and beat me to a bloody pulp.

We also went to high school together and he was a few years ahead of me. He would call me homophobic slurs and make fun of me for being in the Special Ed program along with other students.”

“We do dumb things when we’re young but he continued to call me things like “retarded” over Instagram. When I say I fight to bring awareness to autism and other disabilities, I also mean I’ll fight and defend it as well.

He got signed to the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, so he insisted that we box with no head gear. Him being a new pro with that organisation, I allowed it.

BKFC will really sign anyone.” – Tayden โ€œThe Butcherโ€ Beltran


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