“I remember saying f**k, I’m paralysed” – Unfortunately that now famous footage of a Jet Ski launching off a monster Hawaiian wave broke Ryan Moss spine. Heal up fast brother!

Super Swell Saturday was something out of a dream. The buoys were reading 22 feet at 17 seconds, almost unimaginably big. There was a breath of off-shore wind, gently blowing the foam from the top of each wave as it sprinted towards the Hawaiian coastline. From a pulled-back view that diminished the size, the waves breaking on the outer reefs of Oahu looked almost playful. But up close, they were far from that. Huge doesn’t begin to describe what was happening out there on the edge of the North Shore.

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Random Radness

2020: The year that all odds were against Jerry. It can be hard to keep your head up during such bleak times, but not even a pandemic can’t stop Jerry from sending it!