GTA V: Lamar Roasts Franklin in Real-Life (with Slink Johnson & Shawn Fonteno)

The Urban Diction defines “yee yee ass” as “something that looks extremely horrible.” For context, it provides the following example: “If it wasn’t for that yee yee ass haircut of yours, you’d already have a job right now.” The term, and the example of usage, are actually taken from a furiously profane Grand Theft Auto 5 cutscene in which Franklin gets absolutely roasted by Lamar. The segment was popularized all the way back in 2013—according to Know Your Meme, the clip was first uploaded to YouTube on September 17, 2013, the day GTA5 was released—but it’s taken on a new life recently, as fans have begun creating and sharing some pretty fantastic variations of Franklin’s verbal beatdown.


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