1,000 yard shot with a revolver! – Crack shot Jerry unleashes the big iron on his hip and sends a slug on a 5-second flight to a target everyone else needs a rifle to hit!

Jerry Miculek could be that unrealistic character in a military action film where all Navy Seal Sniper have their M40s and M107s, and he just wants in with a revolver and all the other men laugh at him. Next scene he’s sniping enemies and left and right, and all the men start to respect him, on account the killing.

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“It is so tender I have to handle it with extreme care!” – This guy decided to dry age a steak in peanut butter for 35 days, and compared it to a regular dry age steak!

Man pressured at 16-year-old into a murder confession is found not guilty after spending the majority of his life behind bars, crowd in the court cheers!