Chris Hemsworth Offers Centr Fitness App For Free For 6 Weeks – Get Fit While You Stay At Home.

Chris Hemsworth has just announced a once-in-a-lockdown offer via Instagram – his Centr app for free. Starting now, the acclaimed health and fitness platform will be available to us sloppy rig mortals without having to surrender a single dollar. The only downside? We no longer have an excuse for sporting said sloppy rigs.

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Hi there all, during this period of self isolation and uncertainty, I am offering six weeks of my health and fitness program @Centrfit for FREE! Go to and sign-up. Centr was founded to make health and happiness accessible to all, and I hope that this will make that access even easier during the current global health crisis. I think now more than ever is when we need to focus on what I believe to be the 3 key pillars to living healthier and happier- movement, nutrition, and mental fitness. In recent weeks Centr has seen a groundswell of support from our customers and communities, with thousands of members around the world coming together and sharing how the program has brought them positivity and support during these difficult times. Available at only, for new users only.

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