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Here's the better, original footage of the guy stuck on a cliff I filmed a couple of weeks ago. I was coming out of the Spanky's Ladder zone on Blackcomb with the groupe I'm coaching, when we saw a bit of commotion and, eventually, this poor guy perched halfway up a nasty cliff with no way up or down. I had with me the camp video camera, so I was able to get a few good close-ups of him hanging on for his life. As comical as it was that anyone would keep going and get themself into such a bad spot, we where also all very worried for him. Shortly after, 6-7 patrollers started showing up with lots of ropes, but we had to leave before we could see the actual rescue. I heard that after 1-2 hours they managed to get him out of there. He was seen later having a beer with his buddy at the GLC. He's alright! Live commentating by @adventures_of_megs For licensing and usage, please contact licensing@collab.inc @corecamps #rescue #cliff #rescue #cliffrescue #snowboard #blackcomb #spankysladder #brownpants #dontmove #wrongway #chill #funnynotfunny #boardtube #failarmy #jerryoftheday #failsvids

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