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So supportive . Submission: @ry__fitness_89

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Man screams the N word at black Wan clearly and proudly during some sort of traffic issue🤦🏾‍♂️ – – When will this end. I hope she filed a racial intimidation complaint and a road rage complaint. As he tried to cause a rear end collision twice. She tried to go around him he accelerated to block her. – – The one thing wrong I wish we had the whole thing bit no matter what racial intimidation isn't a solution. – – ***Update***from @thatgirl_jess_ woman in video back story on incident. – – – Never called this man out his name never got angry with this man at all ! • I just left the graveyard to visit my grandfather, I am at the red light(making a left turn onto hwy 14) this man is already entirely too close to the back of my car but I pay it no mind. The light turns green for the cars that are either going straight or making a RIGHT turn . He decides to act like he’s going to hit my car. So I’m still calm like what is this man doing. We get the YELLOW YIELD LEFT TURN LIGHT I wait until the car proceeds then make my left tune this man starts driving crazy about to hit my car and passes me up so I speed up and now we are at the red light together he exits his vehicle and comes up to my passenger window sticks his head and finger in my car and called me a “bitch and a fucking nigger” with his 15 year old son standing by his truck also. He gets back in his truck and I told him to repeat that for me & started recording This is what we are living in. I will definitely pray for this man ! 🙏🏾 – 2020 has to be better people and we have to do better. #2020 #louisiana #lakecharles #wow #roadrage #explorepage #life #people #news #payitforward

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