Nothing Like A Bit Of Road Rage And A Flare Gun In The Neck 💥

On the Warsaw highway, the traffic conflict ended in a shot with a signal cartridge in the throat.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the South-Western Administrative District of Moscow, a traffic conflict preceded the shot. Drivers did not share the road, and one of them, angry, ran out to talk with his opponent face to face.

The man sitting in the car decided to avoid direct contact, fired a signal cartridge and hurriedly left.

The charge hit the victim’s throat, the cartridge got stuck in his clothes and burned for a while until he was put out. The man needed medical help, and he was hospitalized.

A friend of the driver turned to the police. Soon, the shooter was detained in the suburbs and seized from him “an object similar to a traumatic weapon.”

The owner of the pistol became a suspect in a criminal case under the article “Hooliganism”. The man was released on his own recognizance and proper behavior

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