The Andy Jackman Show – My dude Dave Rollinson on The Hold Fast Project

The Hold Fast Project – You’re not alone, we are all fighting our own demons so fuck the stigma and lets get our stories out there.
Ive been mates with Dave for around 6 or so years and it wasn’t until I started Hold Fast that I had any idea that he had gone through struggles with mental health. that’s the scary thing with mental health and people not talking about it… I work with Dave for roughly a year or two and to me he was just a happy dude from the coast. You will only ever know what people want you to know and when your working at a yard with another 45ish grown men in the construction/industrial service industry its not something that gets talked about.. well back then it didn’t. I remember I went to catch up with Dave one morning down at Dbah for breakfast and he was telling me that his old boy just past away and I remember sitting their not being able to comprehend what he was going through, and back then I never knew what to say in those situations. We don’t get to catch up all that often but we get into some lengthy phone calls and its changed a lot from me usually complaining about work and dumb shit to some good chats with substance and being comfortable talking about how we are both going mentally and all the good shit we have going on. Dave your a fucking solid mate and I’m so thankful for you coming onboard bro.

Dave Rollinson
Mental demons, I have had my fair share throughout most of my teenage and early adult life. Growing up through school I was not really the model student. I struggled to keep pace with most reading, writing and learning was not for me, so I thought… Looking back now I think it was both attitude and confidence and that’s where the mental health issues started for me. Snowballing on from that, as with a lot of people in the same boat leads down the path of regular substance intake, drinking and drugs. This would go on for quite some time just aimlessly plodding through life, constantly partying, going nowhere fast, slowly destroying my being until I finally hit a rock bottom, the quite sudden death of my father. His passing really rattled me and the family. Someone needed to stand up in this situation, so I thought I’ll put my hand up. As terrible as it was, I think the passing of my father (makes you realise life is precious), the endless support and love from my mother and finding endurance sport helped me gain that confidence and mindset that I knew I had deep down but could not activate. Fast forward to the present, I am light years ahead from where I used to be, and I constantly remind myself both through the good times and bad, that the sun will always rise tomorrow and if I keep improving each day by even 1% it’s far better than where I was and who I use to be.

Hold Fast Project with Dave Rollinson

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