The Andy Jackman Show – Elle Howard talking to the Hold Fast Project

The Hold Fast Project – You’re not alone, we are all fighting our own demons so fuck the stigma and lets get our stories out there.
Elle Howard is kicking things off for the Girls on Hold Fast, She is a local Gold Coast business owner. I’ve had a bunch of girls message me asking if this is purely to do with mens health… simple answer is no its not. it just so happens that the first bunch of people joining us were all dudes. We all no that the statistics lean a lot harder to the males with suicide and attempted suicides but that’s no reason to not shine the spot light on female mental health also. So id like to thank Elle for reaching out to the project and wanting to share her story.

YOU ARE NOT YOUR WORK. There is a real stigma around talking about mental health in general, not to mention talking about my struggles in entrepreneurial circles. With a prolonged exposure to chronic stress as a result of financial strain and an emotionally damaging past relationship, I found myself dealing with anxiety and substance abuse. This affected what was going on inside my body. Beneath chronic stress your endocrine system can’t return to a healthy state and as a Type 1 Diabetic I was literally killing myself with doubt. Your body overrides everything the brain deems non-critical like sleep, digestion, and the reproductive system. The toxicity of stress is debilitating. Removing the toxic factors from your life to improve yourself is hard enough yet undeniably beneficial. There’s a problem with passion however, and for those of us who monetise our passion, as hard as these words are to internalise, it bears repeating: you are not your work. I’m here to support normalising therapy and the importance of conversing what upsets you. Many people seek therapy to deal with the people that don’t go to therapy! It’s okay if you fall apart sometimes…tacos fall apart and we still love them.

Hold Fast Project with Elle Howard

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