The Andy Jackman Show – Chris Dick chatting to the Hold Fast Project

The Hold Fast Project – You’re not alone, we are all fighting our own demons so fuck the stigma and lets get our stories out there.
Chris came into the studio with a mutual friend (Dave) to get his mug shot taken, Id never meet Chris before but this dudes got some good energy to him and just an all round good vibe. To sit in front of a dudes camera that you don’t even know and then to open up and be 100% raw about such a gnarly subject I knew Chris was all about spreading the same message as I was. My mate Dave Rollinson had talked to me previously about the work him and Dicky had been doing with mental health awareness and the 300 challenge they had done, and to have both of these legends back me with the Hold Fast Project was rad! There is a real push at the moment with mental health awareness and its fucking unreal to see all the smaller projects kicking off in their own areas and styles, and at the end of the day this is what its all about… helping each other.

Chris Dick – FUCK IT!! Thats the exact words I said when I gave up. I gave up on myself, my friends and my family.
As a young kid I was very successful in sport – running for Australia, state swimming, rep footy and the popular kid. I wanted to always win, I was addicted to it.
But behind the scenes, was a kid who was facing demons.
The bust up of my parents threw me into the dark hole. there was times I’d just stare, stare at myself in the mirror and i’d feel nothing at all. I’d constantly thought to myself “whats the point” why should I carry on with this battle going on within my head.
I wanted to have a family like the other kids at school, and this is when I started to act up.
As a young teenage acting up for me wasn’t just being a bad kid. I turned to steeling, drugs and alcohol. At this point I just did not care at all.
My love and passion for sport disappeared and the nights turned to going out a getting so black out id almost stop breathing. This did not worry me one bit I was ready to lose the fight. But someone for so many years was looking after me and not letting me give up.
At one point the depression got so bad I would plot out how id make the suicide attempt. Id think of ways to make it look like an accident. I was doing this and going through it all on my own, to my friends I was just dicky.
A mate that would make them laugh, who’d love to party, would always be there for them and always put his hand up to help out.
I was always scared to reach out and talk to someone, I was a closed book. But there was a fire burning inside of me!! Something telling me not to give up. I then gained a new friendship, and a passion for endurance sport. My addiction to pushing my body to the limit became the new drug.
A spark was lit, a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt free again, happy and ready to tackle anything that came my way. I had a new lease on life.
But also the love for my friends and looking up to them so much I can cold hearty say, I wouldn’t be here today with out them.
They, without them knowing show’d me so much light.
The fight slowly became a distant memory, my passion for sport is back, my love for my family was relit and my struggle for mental health is no more.
June this year, me and Dave rollinson set ourselves a goal to complete 300km in a day over 4 disciplines. We rode 225km, swam 5km, prone paddle 40km and ran 30km with a total of 20hours pushing ourselves mentally and psychically.
We want to spread the word on mental health and help anyone struggling with their own battle, that they are not alone.
I am committed to continue my journey raising awareness and setting myself new challenges.
I hope my little story can help others to get back up on that horse, break the stigma and find the self love and passion we all have inside us.
Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone, join a sporting team, a gym or what ever that passion may be.
We are here to help and to shine a light.
Lets break this stigma of mental health.

Hold Fast Project with Chris Dick

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