The Andy Jackman Show – Ryan Fawzi talking to the Hold Fast Project

The Hold Fast Project – You’re not alone, we are all fighting our own demons so fuck the stigma and lets get our stories out there.
Fawzi … first of all I need to personally thank you for being one of the first guys to step up and join the Hold Fast Project. We all know this subject isn’t easy to talk about and hopefully the more of us that do talk about it will make the path for more people to open up a little easier. I got a message from fawzi not being sure if his story would be fitting to what we are doing on here. Dude you work in the middle of the ocean for weeks at a time. I’ve spent a lot of time in workers camps all over Aus and I no what that’s like to be away from your mates and family, to be literally in the middle of the ocean away from everything I couldn’t even imagine the struggles that would play on peoples minds out there. You are a fucking awesome human mate, keep that smile on ya face mate and take note that this story will hit home with a lot of people working away from home. Thank you brother.

Ryan Fawzi – I’m always happy (mostly).. You’d be hard up catching me without a stupid smile on my dial, and being so positive all the time, people see you and turn to you for energy.. It becomes a benchmark for the people that know you that; “Fawzi is never not happy”.

Giving everyone else so much energy becomes exhausting itself so when you’re down you couldn’t possibly show the people that are turning to you for support that you’re down yourself. They’re depending on you. You can’t let them down.

At home I can manage, I can surround myself with things I love like my friends, the ocean on a beautiful day and I’m grateful every day! But at work it’s not that easy to escape. Being 500kms and a 2.5hr helicopter out to sea, you couldn’t be more isolated and with the same troubles from home out there plus pressures from your work life without your avenues of escape you begin to get snowed under.

You miss weddings, birthdays, birth days, funerals, festivals and everything else in between, add to that, adversity within your work crew and a shift you don’t get along with then you have to go back to your room you’re sharing with someone you’ve never met before that snores the house down, you’re already tired and your contract employer lets you know in a meeting how disposable you are at any time, add a run of mundane jobs no one else wants to do and it all cumulates, you try FaceTime a friend for a leg up but there’s no Wifi or TV, can’t even call your family on Christmas. I had to buy a Satellite phone card just so I could call my dad to tell him I love him only to be cut short and returning to my bunk bed with my lifejacket stuffed under one side to pin me against the wall (the crane block banging on the other) just so I didn’t roll out over night in the 10m seas.

Yea I’m happy a lot of the time but that happiness outside doesn’t come without a lot of sacrifice.

My message isn’t one reaching out for help, it’s one of awareness, that even the happiest people can be struggling with little things you’ve probably never even thought about.

Hold Fast Project with Ryan Fawzi

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