The Andy Jackman Show – Dan Kerby pops in to the Hold Fast Project

The Hold Fast Project – You’re not alone, we are all fighting our own demons so fuck the stigma and lets get our stories out there.
Dan Kerby So stoked to have Dan jumping onboard with the project, So a quick run down on how Dan ended up being on here, I was in the studio shooting a bunch of the boys a couple weekends ago and I was just finishing up shooting Sammys mug shot and he was about to go pick Dan up at the airport for a gig up here on the coast. And in true Sam Moore style he said wait here don’t go anywhere I’m bringing Kerby back he will be down as fuck with this… An hour or so went by and the boys managed to slide back into the studio before they had a Gypsy Tales podcast to do before the gig. I shot Dan in approximately 23 seconds hahaha. I truely appreciate you making time and getting involved mate. For the people who don’t no Dan he is the crazy talent that sits behind the drums for Bliss n Eso , 28 Days and behind crimson eyes. that’s enough from me ill hand it over to Dan Kerby .

I’m lucky in the sense that I feel like I have a pretty good hold of my mental health. I eat well, exercise regularly and predominantly do what I love for a living. However, we all have our struggles. The darkest days for me personally were when my dad passed away. We found out he had Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and he passed away 10 days later. The days between diagnosis and his passing were horrific to say the least. They were grim, filled with little hope and a shattering reality my family had to face. The night we received the diagnosis was a night I’ll never forget. I was chatting to him on the couch and mum handed him the phone and he immediately broke down and started crying. I’d never seen him cry before. He knew it was the end, and so did I. We had ‘the’ last chat and he told me everything I needed to know including that he wasn’t afraid of dying. This news and the situation were so heavy that my body actually broke down and I had a rash break out all over my head and upper body. I thought I had the measles which meant I couldn’t go and visit dad while he was in the hospital until I got the all clear. This was devastating and another brutal blow as I missed out on being there for him and my family for a few of his final days.

My dad was one of my best mates, my mentor/teacher (he was a drum teacher by profession) and the last person I would turn to when I needed serious life advice. Losing a person who added such value to my life and the life of many others was tough but it’s a part of life we all have to deal with it at some point. There were many dark days after his passing and moments I’ll never forget. During this time I learnt a lot about true friendship, family and how to be more empathetic towards other people. My family and girlfriend were amazing with their support not only for myself but for each other. I had true friends of mine catch up with me for weekly meals to check in on me, I had a handful of friends encourage me to train and complete a half marathon so I could concentrate on a positive activity. I even had a best friend pay for me to sit down with a professional and talk. I was so blown away by the support I had from the people closet to me. Their amazing traits taught me how to be a better friend. A valuable lesson. I’ll never forget the support I had from my inner circle during this time. It is something I truely and deeply appreciate. Point being, be friendly to everybody as you never know what they are dealing with. Cherish your friends and family as they are the ones who will always be there no matter what. Be a good friend, listen to your mates and family, take time to catch up. Dedicate precious time with those who mean the most to you. Be grateful for your health, go get whatever it is your chasing, we are all here on borrowed time. Go get it!!

Hold Fast Project Dan Kerby

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