The Andy Jackman Show – Sammy Moore gets on bored with the Hold Fast Project

The Hold Fast Project – You’re not alone, we are all fighting our own demons so fuck the stigma and lets get our stories out there.
Sam Moore and myself go back many many Years we grew up together from when I was around 13 years old back in Tasmania. Over the years Sams become one of my best mates and a dude that I greatly look upto. This is a guy that I’ve watched through highs and lows of business and we have gone threw our fair share of gnarly shit together when we were younger with the passing of a couple of our really good mates due to suicide, but over the last couple years I’ve been lucky enough to be one of his go to photographers for his glove company Fist Handwear . Im stoked to have him share apart of his story with you, ladies & gentlemen Sam Moore

For me my struggle with mental health has always been about the incredible pressure I put on myself. – The self imposed weight of the world has always been on my shoulders and that I need to prove everyone (myself) wrong.

While from the outside I may always seem like the happiest, loudest dude getting around it’s the internal struggle of having certain blocks to things that prevent me from sometimes actually achieving what I’m chasing in all aspects of life. Avoiding talking about certain subjects so they don’t become “real” is what a lot of us get good at and also what needs to stop. I know I’m doing it and it’s bad… But we keep on going. Don’t let it happen!
A few years back a combination of things in business and life led me to slip into depression, bed ridden and totally hopeless something I could feel was happening and tried to fix myself. After a period of fighting it on my own I decided to go and get help. While this was not the end by far it was a step in the right direction.

Shortly after getting help I had another huge kick in the nuts that pushed me a lot deeper than I’d ever been (always the case hey crew) At this point I actually agreed that the best course of action at that time was to try medication, without it I was useless and the only thing that keeps me going on anything is progress. At this time I had a couple of my amazing friends reach out because they felt something was up. After some long emotional phone calls from the other side of the world and a couple from closer my dudes booked me some flights to remove myself from the situation I was in and to get some sun on the GC. I never left. Love you boys.

After a period of rebuilding, realization and understanding how I got to that point I started being a lot easier on myself that allowed me to let the good flow and to get enjoyment out of each day rather than walking around with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I got to a point where out of the blue I just simply one day knew that I no longer needed that medication and that I “had this” it brought me a level of self belief that i had never yet experienced. Good follows good and if you keep stacking that positive energy I don’t care what happens you’re facing in the right direction.

So find a glimpse of the light, no matter how small and move towards it. Even if you have to crawl, bit by bit you’ll start getting closer until you’re running at that motherfucker.
Fuck everything else Believe in yourself no matter what that means to you and how small you have to start build on that and go straight ahead.

Love to you all ❤️💪

Hold Fast Project Sam Moore

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