Tech Tuesday – The iPhone 11 May Not Receive Proposed 3D Camera Technology Saving The Best Tech For A 2020 Update.

Apple iPhone users waiting to updated to the iPhone 11 maybe just want to hold off as news has just surfaced that Apple could dropping its proposed camera technology. While we already know that Apple has changed the layout of the cameras to include a triangular setup — the dummy model of the 11, 11 Max and 11 R can be viewed in the video After the jump.

This update reveals that the 11 will not be receiving the new ToF (time of flight) world-facing 3D technology. This tech makes focusing much faster, can 3D map anything within 5 meters away, and can track users’ movement — this function can be implemented for AR/VR uses (think gaming).

The supposed main reason for removing this tech from the iPhone 11 is to make the 2020 iPhone release a much more dramatic and revolutionary new phone, but now at the 11’s expense. While this is still all just speculation, it sounds like the 2020 phone could be the one to wait for, with its 5G capabilities, absence of the infamous “notch,” and now the inclusion of ToF 3D technology.

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