The Wait Is Over – The Dock 2.0 Surfing With Chippa Wilson, Noa Deane, Dion Agius and Eithan Osborne.

The Dock is about reimagining how a wave can be ridden. It’s about pushing ourselves and our surfers to do something that’s never been done before. The Dock’s been called the pinnacle of performance art, and the height of creativity in surfing. It’s also been called a tacky cheap gimmick. But to us, The Dock is about creating a moment that looks photoshopped but isn’t and having a good time while doing so. It’s about getting four of the world’s best surfers to step off a floating platform; one that’s dangerous and whips like a viper into howling offshore barrels. This is our second attempt at a paddle-less entry starring a two ton, 160 cube floating dock courtesy of Candock Modular Floating Systems anchored in Mainland Mexico.

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