Valet Goes on Reckless Joyride in Harbor East, Baltimore

As Per Owner of Cars description of the incident “I went out to dinner in Harbor East in Baltimore city and valet parked my car. What could happen, right? A careless, wreckless, and outright ridiculous valet took my Audi on a joyride through crowded city streets and construction zones, speeding, running stop signs, beating it up, excessively revving my engine and neutral dropping my transmission all while FaceTiming a friend.

I had sneaking suspicion when I received my car back. I could smell my engine and transmission. After reviewing the footage, I drove back to the valet stand outside to confront the head valet there. He reviewed the footage and knew who the individual was. He said this person would not be parking any more cars. I went inside to wait for the valet supervisor to arrive, but while I was inside my dash cameras kept rolling. The same valet was still parking cars with the head valet. Unbelievable.

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