The Andy Jackman Show – Slaying mountains, Sinking Piss and hanging with mates for a good cause!

Howdy, Sorry for the delay in posting but I was busy having to much fun at the Day For Dystonia ride and fundraiser! What a fucking day!

We had the elements against us all week with the Gold Coast delivering some putrid weather, but we knew worst case scenario there was a solid crew that was gonna turn up rain hail or shine these boys weren’t gonna miss it for the world. With the event kicking off at Iron & Resin garage the crowd soon started to grow even with the rain coming down the bikes kept turning up. There was a fair bit of excitement in the air as we knew what the day was gonna hold and there’s always a good time to be had at the Gold Coast Creative House. With all the company’s jumping on board with the raffle the event end up raising just over $10,000 for Jason to help out with his treatment over in Korea! I don’t know the dude but from what I’ve heard he is a fucking legend and the amount of effort Rowley put into getting this event off the ground shows how much of a legend Jason really is! Everyone behaved themselves pretty well on the ride down to Brunswick we all had a bite to eat and one or two refreshments then hit the road again back to Burleigh to park the bikes up and kick off the raffle and we also had a treat for the night with DJ Brcks & lishilou thumping out banger after banger to keep the party rolling. There is one thing that is a given when everyone gets together and that is people are gonna send it and bikes are gonna do things they weren’t built to do! Enjoy

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