Take A Tour Of Ralph Lauren’s New York Estate Of Mid-Century Excellence.

Ralph Lauren is a fashion lord, so it’s no surprise his family home is a masterclass in aesthetics. Found in the prestigious suburb of Bedford, Lauren’s New York mansion is a lavish, eye-catching rural property surrounded by 250 acres of lush lawns and breezy woodlands.

Built in 1919 and covering 17,000 square feet, the estate exudes opulence from its blend of mid-century Americana and refined English decor. The interior is decorated like something out of Downton Abbey, with lots of mahogany, paintings, rugs and marble integrated into the design. Scattered throughout are 18th-century tapestries, 19th-century oil paintings, tartan curtains and Osler crystal chandeliers, with Ralph even finding space for a pool table in his cluttered study.

The mahogany theme runs throughout the home, from the built-in wardrobes in the bedrooms to the wall finishing in the dining area and the furniture in the library, creating an aristocratic vibe. Things only change tact in the pool house, where mahogany is swapped for white walls, tiled flooring and lighter tones. It feels more open and free while still retaining the American/English design of the main home.

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