Howdy, This week I’ve finally got around to organizing the first of a segment I want to run on here which showcases other photographers that inspire me and make me hungry as fuck to create the best work I can!

I am Lyon Herron, I’m 26 years old from Los Angeles California. My life has been filled with a lot of peaks and valleys, I was told multiple times that I shouldn’t be alive today. During one of the most difficult times of my life, at 15 years old, I found my passion behind the lens of a camera. Since then I have discovered a sense of freedom in being able to capture the world as I see it through my eyes. There is nothing more gratifying than to encapsulate the essence of a moment that will never happen again. I find motivation to shoot photos from seeing things my way, being able to envision what my photos will be as I watch the world turn.

I honestly don’t think I could find a photographer that inspires me more than this dude. I sent Lyon a message and gave him a rundown on what I was wanting to do and the reasons behind it… Then I said send me a bunch of your best bangers threw and fuck did he deliver haha

As I’m writing this I’m constantly flicking back to the folder that he sent me with these images in it and I’m trying to work out how the fuck every image packs so much emotion in it. Maybe its the fact that this dude is one bad ass mother fucker that appreciates every little thing in life and that’s something a lot of us don’t do. I’ve been following Lyon for a couple of years now and trust me if there’s a day that I think ah fuck it I can’t be bothered or shits too hard I pretty much just have to stumble upon a post or image from him and its a big kick up the arse to stop being a bitch and tackle the day head on.

I’m extremely thankful for the chance to get to share Lyons work with you all.
Hopefully I can get over there one day soon to shoot and hang out with you mate! Keep being an inspiration Lyon your one special dude.

Lyon Herron Andy Jackman

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