The Andy Jackman Show – Aus Hooligan x

Howdy, I’ve had a bit of a relaxed weekend due to the shitty weather here on the Gold Coast. So I thought we could take a trip back to November last year for the Aus Hooligan x event held down in Bairnsdale Victoria.

let’s kick off from the night before we flew down. I’m not one to party too much I’m known for pulling a pretty decent Phantom on nights out but the night prior to flying out it was my 30th so we decided to celebrate the occasion with dinner and drinks things kicked off pretty quickly and way too many drinks where going down way to quickly this led to our table being escorted from the venue and pretty much next thing I remember was getting a phone call from my mate asking if I was at the airport yet… Fuck I didn’t even nowhere I was! it took me a few minutes to get my bearings and work out where I ended up. I think it was around 20mins I had to get to the Coolangatta airport to get my flight! Anyway, we all made it to Melbourne feeling seedy as fuck little did I release this was only the warm up to the weekend!

This was to be the first Hooligan event held in Aus and it was run by one of our mates Dean Ross from Six Six Harley Wheelies so we had mates coming from all over Australia to this small country town to race and let loose! Fuck did they let loose haha it was one of the funniest weekends of my life! This is a bunch of mates that very rarely get to all be together at the one time so there was a good build up of energy within all the groups of boys. Saturday night i was still fucked so i pussied out and put my hand up to be the driver I ran the crew around bailed pretty early as I needed to be somewhat on my game to shoot the event (that’s my excuse anyway) The racing went pretty smoothly the next day with Hooligan, Females, Mini Bikes and Run what ya Brung classes and they also opened up the drag strip for the boys to put on some entertainment for the crowd . It was a rad event to shoot with a lot going on all pretty quickly. With everyone on a high after the racing had finished it was back to the hotel to shower up and head to the pub we all were dumb enough to think we could have a quiet dinner and early night haha i made the call while we was booking our flights that ill drive the 4hr trip back to the Melbourne airport if we book the earlier flight to get home at a decent time (yet another dumb fuck decision from me) I think I ended up getting a couple of hours sleep that set me up for an extremely sleepy drive to the airport. We somehow made it back in one piece with everyone feeling the full effects of a wild 3 days… Andy Jackman

In Memory of Ash Smith

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