The Andy Jackman Show – Lets take a look at Karupt Customz and the man behind it!

Howdy, we’re taking a look into the world of Karupt Customz a Gold Coast workshop specialising in all things Harley Davidson and the man behind the company Jamie Levien . A little back story on how I got into the motor sport scene, Jamie was actually the first person i ever shot on a Harley and since then have become good mates and Karupt Customz has become one of my regular clients!

So back to the story of Jamie and how he ended up on the gold coast running one of the top Custom Bike workshops in Australia. He began a mechanical apprenticeship at the age of 15 back in central Otago south island NewZealand finishing up that he then opened the doors to his own workshop and dealership of Husqvarna, Gas Gas and Aeon dirt bikes. In 2012 Jamie decided to head across the Tasman to Queensland where he picked up a job at a local Harley dealership on the gold coast, it was at this time that Karupt Customz was born and it was originally based out of his mates shed. With the business growly rapidly he soon outgrew the shed and then built a new workshop at his house but the business was only gaining momentum and was soon to busy to be running it from home so the push to find a more suitable premises was his next mission. After setting up the new workshop/showroom in Carrara it was like deja vu for Jamie and his partner Steph with the business continuing to boom they once again outgrew the space they had which landed them the new Karupt Customz workshop/showroom in Lawrence drive Nerang on the gold coast…

This is an impressive workshop where some absolute magic happens I’ve seen bikes roll in and out of this place and you wouldn’t tell that it was the same bike. The work that Jamie and his two mechanics Ben Chase & Luke “Fiasco” Tilney do is second to none, and with his partner Steph doing a lot of behind the scene work to keep the place and Jamie in order… you my friend have your hands full haha. Like I said earlier on I’ve been given the chance to work on pretty much all of Karupt Customz builds and its been and still is a pleasure to get to work with and photograph these incredible pieces of machinery. Outside of the shop Jamie doesn’t mind to play up a bit on his Harley being one of the first to really push the Harley Davidson dyna stunt game in Australia. It defiantly blew me away the first time I went out with him, I didn’t even no the guy and we hit up a industrial road in Burleigh i spoke to him for a minute next thing I see is a 300kg+ bike wheelie past me with this dude standing on his seat dragging his other foot along the road it honestly fucked with my head to see it and it still does to this day… how the fuck these guys throw their Harleys around like their on a dirt bike is beyond me. But the scene is growing throwout Australia and hopefully, it keeps going the way it is. One thing for sure is that Karupt Customz will be out there pushing the limits and making peoples dreams come true with every bike build that comes through those doors. I’m humbled to be the photographer that gets to capture all off this radness!



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