Checkout Stab’s Visit To The Surf Lakes Wavepool

Three-hundred-sixty degrees of swell hitting five bi-directional peaks every six seconds will surely be the future of wavepool surfing.

In its first week running waves, Surf Lakes has proved that its remarkable design will become fully functional – they just need a little more time to finger the keys and grease the gears.

Despite the pool’s technical issues, filmmakers Dyl Roberts and Dan Scott managed to illustrate Surf Lakes’ design and prove its efficacy.

However, there are certain things about the pool that we just couldn’t relay in the video. Below are some of the most interesting facts and fables we discovered whilst visiting Yeppoon.

The rumored cost of creating this pool site was $10mil AUD

The energy cost of ten waves (meaning individual takeoff spots, not swell lines) at Surf Lakes is equal(ish) to one at Slater’s
The pool is 33 feet at its deepest point and holds 80 mega-liters of clear, chlorinated water

Occy allegedly fell on his very first wave in the pool (as did Kelly Slater!)

The biggest wave they made (the Parko slab one) was only utilizing half of the machine’s potential output

Surf Lakes’ projected six-wave sets have not yet been created; three consecutive waves has been the max

Investors in 40-odd countries have apparently shown interest in purchasing a Surf Lakes pool

The plunger’s “handle” completely broke on our last day; it will be a couple months before it’s fixed

When they take the necessary time and precautions to get this thing working right, it’s gonna be psycho

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