You’d hate to lose your keys in this house! – Take a tour of this giant $59 million house overlooking Lake Ontario, with endless rooms of luxury!

One of Canada’s largest and most expensive estate properties is on the market. The 47,000 square foot manor was previously on the market in 2016 for $65,000,000 CAD, it’s just been reduced to $59,000,000 CAD. Welcome to Chelster Hall, one of the finest properties available in all of Canada. Completed in 2006 following five years of careful planning and construction, the original design called for 54,000 square feet but had to be scaled back to meet city regulations.

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R.I.P clutches and drivetrains. My pants are soaked after watching these big horsepower Audi Quattro launches. Those squats, two step and compressed suspension is so satisfying!

Scary fast 300cc drift trike has paddles on the rear tyres so you can take it on the beach like a mad lad and get a tan while you send it!