“I worked at a chicken abattoir. It was pretty hard yakka for an 18-year-old kid” – Jock McDonald did whatever it took to transform his 2002 SAS Hilux into the bush beast it is now!

“4WD Action’s very own Jock McDonald takes us through the build of his 2002 SAS Hilux. As with most projects, it started out as a basic build and snowballed into the beast it is now. What’s next? Now, it’s all about getting as much time behind the wheel as possible!” – @nulon.aus

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Neill Blomkamp’s Oats Studios releases their first new short film in a while called “God: City”, showing the almighty creator having fun with humanity!

Ex-undercover drug cop explains what it’s actually like to pretend to be a junkie while buying heroin from dangerous and violent dealers!