Ex-undercover drug cop explains what it’s actually like to pretend to be a junkie while buying heroin from dangerous and violent dealers!

Ever wondered what really underpins international drug policy? Or how you get out the way of a samurai sword being wielded by a drug dealer? Whistleblowing ex-undercover drugs cop and chairman of LEAP UK, Neil Woods, opens up about the ins and outs of the profession.

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“I worked at a chicken abattoir. It was pretty hard yakka for an 18-year-old kid” – Jock McDonald did whatever it took to transform his 2002 SAS Hilux into the bush beast it is now!

Netflix presents Battlefish: Out here, making a living is a battle. Off the coast of Oregon, fishermen are taking to the high seas to cash in on the world’s most valuable fishery, albacore tuna!