Tre Williams joins the already stacked Primitive skate team, holds his own with truckloads of effortless style and endless technical abilities!

“Tre doesn’t even know yet, but this is the beginning of something that he has been dreaming about and I know that he will look back in a few years’ time and think “Wow, those were some really special times”. He’s just getting started and has such a bright future ahead of him, I‘m happy and excited to welcome Tre Williams to the Primitive Skate team”. – Paul Rodriguez

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There is no question that Eli Tomac’s pace on a dirtbike is flat out insane, but after watching him spin some laps on his 2019 race bike, it seems impossible to go any faster!

“My tits bruv what ya doin?” – Meanwhile on British streets, lippy woman swings at a cop and calls him a dog. It’s always nice to see a clip showcasing the finest of English society!