The surf industry was once valued at $10 billion, but then it tanked spectacularly. Laurie Towner, like many former pro surfers now has to work a trade, and surfs between shifts!

As in most cases when industries fail, those who lose their jobs adapt their skill set and apply their tools to a new industry. But for the surfers whose job it was to surf to market the multi-billion dollar industry, the job openings were slim. There isn’t a big market for surfing critical, high-risk mountains of moving water outside the surf industry. Photos via the super talented @tomservaisjr and @timmckenna.

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“Officer Hubbard you can suck my cock!” – Soundcloud rapper ‘Yung Fiji’ fires his handgun in his backyard, gets pissed when the cops arrive at the front door, tells them to fuck off!

Kayak crew ride a massive natural waterslide known as Tenaya Creek, and one guy hits the rocks, breaks his nose and resets it then and there!