Dramatic footage shows a Florida deputy scaling a 10-foot brick wall and sprinting across the lawn of an enormous mansion to save a drowning man in a canal behind the house!

A Pasco County deputy was fast on his feet in an attempt to save a man from drowning. The 51-year-old victim was five acres away and a 10-foot security fence was standing in between them. But Grant managed to scale the fence and ran to the man in time to save his life. The man was rushed to North Bay Hospital where he remains in critical condition and will be intubated for an unknown amount of time, according to hospital officials.

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Paul McCartney and Jimmy Fallon surprise the hell out of fans on a tour who are riding the elevator but accidently stop of the wrong floor!

I broke my wrist watching this: Instagram goddess Nastya Nass is a god damn treasure with an ass to die for. Does a workout ‘twerk’ routine in the rain that’ll melt your phone’s screen!