What an absolutely absurd idea. I love it: Skydivers with inflatable toys slip and slide out the back of a cargo airplane 15,000ft up. Swoop down and land on another slip and slide!

“Slip and slide out of a cargo airplane. Our latest vid just went live! We filmed it on the brand new Canon EOS R camera that they announced today! Beyond stoked on the camera, full frame mirrorless!” – @devinsupertramp.

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“Get em Shep!” – That might be the worst possible thing you want to hear if you’re a car thief running from the cops. You just know you’re about feel titanium teeth pierce your buttocks!

“Breakfast in bed on a plane, I could never complain” – Skepta’s low slung bars and Wizkid’s ultra smooth melodies in new banger ‘Energy’ has got club ammo written all over it!