Steep and deep lines of Namibia! – MTB rider Kilian Bron has zigzagged his way across the world, and Namibia might be a destination with the most beautiful scenic and scary riding spots!

Kilian Bron gone around the world riding incredible mountains, dunes and volcanos, but this mission is radically different. Follow him to Namibia, and get lost in the middle of the Savannah at some spots worthy of the Lion King!

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“Breakfast in bed on a plane, I could never complain” – Skepta’s low slung bars and Wizkid’s ultra smooth melodies in new banger ‘Energy’ has got club ammo written all over it!

And on your left, you will see where I killed a Zebra! – Lion jumps inside tourists vehicle and gets behind the wheel, rubs his scent all over them and now they are his property!