“Get em Shep!” – That might be the worst possible thing you want to hear if you’re a car thief running from the cops. You just know you’re about feel titanium teeth pierce your buttocks!

After turning into the driveway, the driver and one passenger fled on foot, at which time Deputy Carmack deployed K9 Shep who quickly apprenhended one of the individuals. K9 Shep held the individual until Deputy Carmack could place handcuffs on the individual, this was for Deputy Carmack’s safety and to make sure the individual did not flee again. The suspect was medically cleared and arrested.

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Divers in Byron Bay spotted a shark with a fishing net caught in its mouth, decide to save it from a death sentence and it thanks them for it!

What an absolutely absurd idea. I love it: Skydivers with inflatable toys slip and slide out the back of a cargo airplane 15,000ft up. Swoop down and land on another slip and slide!