Divers in Byron Bay spotted a shark with a fishing net caught in its mouth, decide to save it from a death sentence and it thanks them for it!

“I was guiding a dive to some customers in Julian Rocks, Byron Bay when I saw a Grey Nurse Shark with a fishing net hanging out from its mouth. I tried to take it out of his mouth and after a few tries, I was successful. It was a very dramatic and intense moment with a happy ending. Afterward, the shark returned and made some eye contact with me as a way to say thanks.”

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Michael Myers goes on a kitchen knife and hammer killing spree on unsuspecting trick-or-treaters in the grisly new trailer for Halloween, the quasi-sequel to the 1978 horror classic!

“Get em Shep!” – That might be the worst possible thing you want to hear if you’re a car thief running from the cops. You just know you’re about feel titanium teeth pierce your buttocks!