God bless the engineers: Dude loses control in his Audi A4 Allroad Quattro, aqua planning on a highway at 140kph. Saves it with one hand. Legend has it, he got laid that night!

“Losing control on a wet highway at 140 km/h speed. It was an almost accident due to aqua planning and possible wind from the truck. No one was racing or speeding on purpose. Just a regular driving on a highway, but with a different route which we took for the very first time.” – Aslı Kutmangil.

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Yoshi Tanenbaum, after years of hard work, got the awesome surprise of turning pro for Stereo Skateboards, and he wasn’t suspecting a thing!

Well that escalated quickly! – A friendly uke group turns into a bloodbath as two demon metalheads play Slayer’s “Bloodline” on ukuleles!