Machine Gun Kelly drops an aggressive freestyle on Funk Flex, fires shots at fellow rapper G-Eazy saying he slept with his girlfriend!

“Only Eazy I fuck with is with is E, I seen he dyed his hair and got a hanging earring/I fucked his girl/Now he looks like this shit is overbearing/How dare him, I dare him/Don’t think about comparing/Now turn that frat rap off I get sick of hearing.”

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Never Enough: Delton Hubbard bought this 1994 Geo Tracker for $300 and transformed it into the bonkers toy you see now. Is powered by enough nitrous to blow up the planet!

“There’s no sharks here right?” – Jamie O’Brien, Poopies and crew head to Tahiti to surf the famous Teahupoo, where Lucas gets up close and personal with the sharp reef!