The Ambidextrous King: People are calling Mike Piwowar one of the best switch skaters alive right now and his new ‘i AM blind’ part is straight fire. Lands bolts on everything!

“When we invited Mike Piwowar to compete in BATB 8, we knew that he was destined to blow up. It feels good to say… we were right. His “i AM blind” part has some legitimately jaw-dropping moments, but this is only the beginning. Mike is just Piwo-warming up.” – @berrics. Photo via the talented @brundoggywobblez.

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The STOL competition at the Valdez Fly-In and Air Show in Alaska delivered some jaw-dropping landings, one of which claimed a new record!

After dreaming about trying the incredibly scary standing double backflip since 2013, this guy built up the courage to go for this goliath trick!