Why are Rolex watches so damn expensive? – From hand assembled and tested movements, to special steel that is hard to machine, find out why you might still be getting your money’s worth!

Rolex is a universe of its own: respected; admired; valued; and known across the globe. But have you ever thought why, exactly, they demand such a high price tag? What makes them better? At the end of the day aren’t they just a regular timepiece with the “classic” label markup? As it turns out you are not just paying for the name but also the “time” of a master craftsman in every watch.

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Darren Till’s new UFC 228 promo gave me goosebumps and I’m not even from England. I’ve never been to Liverpool either, but after watching that, I’m ready to die for that city!

“Get out of it cunt!” – Meanwhile in Australia, footage of a ferocious croc taking a bite at two fishermen emerges online as people blame tourist boats feeding them for the attack!