Meanwhile at 5am inside a Russian night club, piece of shit ex-police officer goes on a sucker punch rampage after a guy dancing bumps into him, leaves 2 people in critical condition!

A fight broke out in a night club, resulting in two young people being hospitalised, one of them in extremely serious condition (he received a fracture of the base of the skull). Good news everyone, the cunt is looking at 8 years in prison and has been placed under arrest. Remember kids, whether you’re in fight, or there is one going on around you, pay attention!

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When the huge swells stalking Indonesia appeared on the map, Nate Behl made a beeline for Kandui Surf Resort and scored a bunch of wild Mentawai Island freight trains!

Tomomi Nishikubo is the ninja rider! – Trials riding takes a huge amount of balance, precision and skill, an easy feat for one of Japan’s top riders!