Sometimes you just have to drive a car that has ungodly levels of power. Like this 9ff Porsche 911 Turbo, with 800 horsepower on tap it’s more like a teleportation machine!

AutoTopNL are back to kick ass with a bonkers Porsche and chew bubble gum, and they just ran out of bubble gum. This is the kind of car that makes skydiving sound like a silly hobby, and could probably be used by NASA to prepare pilots for the acceleration forces of an interstellar rocket.

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New horror film ‘Slice’, featuring Chance the Rapper’s big screen debut, is based around a werewolf, and pizza shop that is a gateway to hell!

A gripping psychological thriller unfolds in the Alaskan wilderness when a retired wolf expert is summoned to investigate a child’s disappearance. Netflix presents ‘Hold The Dark’!