“Mobile games offer me $5-10k to play them” – Fortnite god Ninja is making at least $350,000 a month from Twitch subscriptions, lets compare his income to billionaire Twitch owner Jeff Bezos!

Ninja’s quick thinking and his outgoing nature—bolstered by the company of his wife Jessica “JGhosty” Goch keep concurrent stream numbers incredibly high, at times over 100,000 viewers. They know how to put on on a show. Ninja is why people watch, even according to Ninja. “The entertainment, the reaction, just getting those kills — It’s just part of the energy and the vibe that I bring,” Ninja told PC Gamer. “It’s what makes my streams special.”

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Three criminals try to break into a building, one accidentally smashes another in the head with a brick, and then the two guys escape, leaving their unconscious friend on the ground!

For the first time ever in Battlefield, assemble a customised collection of soldiers, weapons, and vehicles, and take them on your journey through the terrible second world war!