Living silently in the forest, hunting and gathering food as it was meant to be! – Hunter travels deep into the harsh Alaskan wilderness to spear a bear!

“Watch how lethal the spear is in taking down my quarry. Faster than most weapons and as ethically as could ever be short of using a knife. If you feel the animals need a fair means of escape, spear hunt. If you feel you should use an efficient killing weapon to hunt animals and give them a quick death, spear hunt.” – Tim Wells

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Justin Carrillo’s 1972 Chevy Blazer ‘Mary Jane’ is absolutely stunning from headlight to taillight. Powered by a 5.3L LS3 and slammed to the ground on 24 inch Raceline rims!

“If you know you’re going to heaven and you ain’t got no sin in your life, it’s a good time to die!” – Wut in tarnation? Snake handling pastor gets bitten by a deadly rattlesnake!