The dentist sure has changed since I last went: Meanwhile in New Orleans, shot giving bartender doesn’t take ass slap lightly, turns into a savage and attacks a female patron!

Shocking footage emerged showing a shot-pouring bartender attacking a woman for apparently slapping her bum. The altercation begins when the female patron interrupts the woman mid-routine, during a bizarre tradition involving cinnamon whisky, slaps, and “motor-boating”. The video was posted to Twitter, and appears to have taken place in Spirits on Bourbon in New Orleans.

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2-year-old Indonesian boy smokes 40 cigarettes a day, and his father says he likes to mochaccino while he smokes too, and will have a tantrum if they try to stop him!

Meanwhile in the streets of London, have-a-go hero sends scummy motorcycle thief armed with a hammer flying after he rams him off his scooter with his Ford Fiesta!