“Do you see this shit boys?” – Great white shark filmed after mauling a dolphin, then a bigger shark comes along and they fight over the dolphin!

Three kilometres off Smoky Bay in South Australia, a Great White shark appears in the distance with pools of blood around it. As the crew investigate and realise its a young Dolphin that has been mauled by the shark, another larger great white, estimated to be at over 12 feet in length, joins the attack and snatches the dolphin carcass out of the smaller sharks mouth!

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Driving with no shock absorbers! – Sam Eyles’ Built Not Bought 4×4 truck bounces like a lowrider with only the springs dealing with the bumps!

A massive fire tornado was caught on camera in Redding, California, causing a fire inspector to lose his life as he was trapped by the blaze while trying to evacuate a neighborhood