False flag? A closer look at the plastic explosive drone attack on President Nicolás Maduro. Some people online say it was staged to fabricate an excuse to crack down on his opposition!

The drone attack on President Nicolás Maduro during a speech at a military parade on Aug. 4 was shrouded in intrigue: Who did it? How did it happen? That was partly because the state TV channel that was broadcasting it didn’t offer a complete picture. The livestream cut away at a key time, and audio of the explosions was hard to hear or discern. Moments later, the broadcast showed a panicked crowd fleeing the area, but we’re not sure why.

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“I might fuck Stephen after the show. He gonna come back to work with a magical glow” – The list of men mentioned by Nicki Minaj in her album ‘Queen’ gets a one last addition, Stephen Colbert!