The most original turntablist ever! – Watch 14-years-old world champion DJ K-Swizz’s insane routine for the 2018 DMC Online World Final!

“This is my 5th year entering the dmc online, I made my first dmc online world final at 10yrs old back in 2014. Im always trying to push turntablism to the next level with technicality & new creative ideas.” – DJ K-Swizz

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“I don’t want to hurt no one” – Suicidal mechanic hijacks a 76 seat aircraft, performs a loop-the-loop, jokes with air traffic control, gets chased by F-15 fighter jets, then crashes into an island.

A story about love, family and slavery! – 37-year-old Aussie bloke has a wife, a fiancée and two girlfriends, and has a sex dungeon in his basement!