“The only thing I’ve paid for is panel and paint” – Ben Anderson, Leading Aircraftman in the Aussie Air Force, built a chopped GQ Patrol boosted to 30psi and it’s a bloody weapon!

“Having grown up working on 4x4s with his dad, Ben’s no stranger to doing things himself, and has done all the mechanical work on his chopped GQ Patrol himself. A Nissan man through and through, we reckon the builds he does for his boys will end up full of Nissan parts too!” – @nulon.aus

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The great haboob chase on Interstate 8! – Storm chaser watched a storm kick up a wall of dust known as a haboob, captured it with 5000 photos!

Language learning app Babbel launched an awesome new ad campaign featuring a newly arrived extraterrestrial to Planet Earth, to demonstrate the frustration of not speaking the local tongue!