“I’m not only putting myself into a bad situation, I’m also including my friends” – Sending a quad kink base to base rail with snowboarder Abbe Hjellström and two trusting friends!

Fat and Furious’ Abbe Hjellström breaks down the joke that turned into a real spot, the human quad kink. After finding the right location, Abbe and two trusting friends, Thomas Iverson and Lowe Anderrson got to work. Facing the fears of a quad kink face to face and base to base.

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Language learning app Babbel launched an awesome new ad campaign featuring a newly arrived extraterrestrial to Planet Earth, to demonstrate the frustration of not speaking the local tongue!

Too fast to sink: Meanwhile in Thailand, this boosted turbo diesel canal boat is off it’s fucking head. When the captain drops the hammer, you’d better be holding on for your life!